Syntax Olevia Lt32hve Review

Read more LCD HDTV reviews by. reviewed. Now Syntax has introduced an entire line of new televisions in larger sizes with a new look and new features. The LT32HV is a 32-inch LCD panel with a new.

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Click to enlarge. At first glance, the Syntax Olevia and Albatron/Monivision LWX-30 are aesthetically very similar. After a few minutes though, it becomes clear that the Syntax unit is actually much.

Syntax Groups Debuts First 42-Inch Olevia LCD TV Featuring ATSC+HDMI Digital Tuner; An Attractive Alternative to Plasma TVs City of Industry, CA –April 5, 2005–Syntax Groups Corporation(tm), one of.

City of Industry, CA – Syntax Groups Corporation, one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of LCD TVs in North America, today announced the new 42-inch Olevia widescreen HD built-in LCD TV, its first.

Syntax-Brillian, one of several smaller LCD TV makers to use club store sales to do an end-run around the category’s traditional leaders, has filed for bankruptcy. The Tempe, Ariz.-based Olevia.

This 47-inch 1080p LCD comes from one of Olevia’s high-end lines. It was first released in 2006, but is still available. The company has yet to bring follow-up lines to market, probably because parent.

Syntax Groups Corporation announced their newest Super-IPS-based Olevia 32-inch and 37-inch LCD TVs, plus immediate holiday availability of the Olevia 50-inch LCOS projection TV. Expanding on the.

City of Industry, CA-May 18, 2004-Syntax Groups Corporation(tm), an emerging growth manufacturer of consumer electronics products, today announced it’s formal entry into the LCD TV market with its.

Back in October we reviewed the Syntax Olevia 542i LCD. While overall we gave the display a positive review, we noticed that with certain DVDs, the top of the picture would “tear” or be skewed to the.

Syntax Group’s Olevia series of LCD TVs is generating quite a bit of buzz with their low prices and relatively high-end features. Their latest is the LT26HVE, a 26-inch display that incorporates their.

Among Syntax’s high end Super-IPS based Olevia LCD TVs is a new HDTV-ready 32-inch Olevia (LT32HVE), featuring 1366×768 resolution, 8ms typical response time, de-interlaced up to 1080i, 16:9 aspect.

Just before folks really get their minds set on waiting for Black Friday, Syntax-Brillian is unveiling a trio of new 1080p Olevia LCDs. Up first is the 65-inch 265TFHD, which features the Silicon.

. more on making the Olevia 747i easy to use and less on making it cool and unusual, this would be a very good TV. As is, it’s still worth considering for your living room. This story,

Big screen, shrinking price tag: Syntax’s 32-inch Olevia LT32HVE LCD TV has a street price of approximately. are now predicted to flatten. This story, "High Def, Low Cost: HDTV Prices Plunge" was.

Syntax unveils its new Olevia LCOS TV this week at the HDTV Forum 2004 industry conference in Los Angeles. Its lightweight widescreen design enables the Olevia LCOS TV to complement nearly any home.

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However it is important to note that video performance on poor signal feeds generally produces the same result across most digital Displays, thus this is not a negative specifically to the Syntax.

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To see a good example of "too clever for its own good," check out the Olevia. oomph. Syntax-Brillian designed the speakers so that users can remove them and mount them elsewhere–or connect two.

Syntax-Brillian is showing off its first HDTV above 50-inches in the U.S. at Infocomm this week, the 65-inch, 1080p Olevia 665i. This LCD is aimed at the pro AV and high end home theater market, and.

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The least-expensive LCD we tested in our eight-model LCD TV roundup for the April 2005 issue of Digital World, Syntax’s Olevia LT30HV is best suited for budget-conscious buyers willing to settle for.

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