Professor Layton Diabolical Box Puzzle 110

The bolded letters represent the cards that are given and can’t be changed. Match your screen to our diagram and click "Submit" to solve the puzzle.

With the puzzle solved, Layton decides it’s time to leave, though you can tap the doily hanging over the right side of the couch back for a hint coin and then tap the handrail under the window to the.

The black-and-white color scheme of the altered image makes this puzzle a lot more challenging, doesn’t it? However, this change to the image may end up helping you more than you know. Remember, in.

Now that you know that much, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing the puzzle. Divide the box of candies into five portions that match our diagram to the right. Just draw lines to separate the.

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You have to cut the board in two separate places to solve this puzzle. We’ve drawn the answer on the grid to the right. You need to make only two small cuts, each stemming from the hole that’s in the.

Now just figure out where 4 and 5 go. The code is 0154—leave the first 0 as is, tap the second 0 until it reads "1," tap the third zero until it reads "5" and tap the last zero until it reads "4".

During any puzzle in the Diabolical Box, you can click on the "Memo" button on the right part of the lower screen to overlay a memo pad on top of the puzzle. You can write and draw anything you want.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box for Nintendo DS. The extremely tough puzzles can be unlocked by playing the.

Think you’ve found the answer? You’re sure? Well, just to be safe, compare its outline to the ghost one more time. Don’t forget to look at little details, like the shape of its hands. Make note of.

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It’s only proper. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is packed with challenges and secrets, hidden puzzles and hint coins. If you’re just stuck on a particular puzzle and want the solution or are.

Tap A’s pants until they turn white, tap B’s shirt until it turns white, and tap C’s shirt until it’s blue and his pants until they’re red. Click "Submit" to solve the puzzle.

When the red dial reads 0, the blue dial reads 5. When the red dial reads 3, the blue dial reads 2. As stated in the puzzle, the distance the blue dial moves is equal to the distance the red dial.

5200 Picarats Movies. Solve all 168 puzzles and a few extra character profiles will be added to the Profiles section in the Top Secret area. If you have this game’s prequel, Professor Layton and the.

Grab a few water glasses and try the puzzle out for yourself—minus the poison, of course. The principle that determines where the poison is should soon become obvious. The answer is simply "B." Since.

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The answer to this puzzle won’t simply pop into your head when you make some key realization. You need to work your way to it. Three different cubes are touching three different faces of the cube in.

Places five roses on the grid, one in each of the designated white spaces marked in our diagram. Once all roses are properly placed, the puzzle is automatically solved for you.

Touch the man’s two nose nostrils to plug ’em up and then hit "Submit" to solve the puzzle (make sure you don’t leave any corks plugging the pipes of the weird garlic tunnels).

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But then that wouldn’t be much of a puzzle, would it? Remember, the original agreement was that each man would do an equal share of the work. Simply put, A and B are getting paid for doing the work C.

In order to find the game’s nine hidden puzzles, you need to fully assemble the camera (as outlined above) and then go to the following locations to take a picture. A camera icon will appear on the.

This is another puzzle where the order of your moves is key. You won’t get any hints on this one, but as a general tip for this type of puzzle, you should take care not to return items to their.

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