Professor Layton And The Diabolical Box Cheats

Make sure that you don’t open any valves that let steam reach these other areas. To power the #2 box, steam will have to come from the center pipe that comes out of the top of the boiler. Follow the.

Tap the squares in the order noted in the diagram to the right. Since you start in the upper-left corner of the puzzle, you never need to return to it. Once you’ve hit all of the squares, the puzzle.

But you still have to deal with those other squares that are completely blue. The answer is a 6:4 ratio of sky to clouds, which you can input by writing "6" in the left box and "4" in the right box.

"Begin from the doors etched in the decor." The doors in question are located in the lower-right portion of the picture. But what exactly do you begin doing from here? "A path will appear, strong and.

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Remember, you’re out to find the number of pearls the adventurer decided to bring back. The answer is 211 which you input by writing a "2" in the left box, a "1" in the center box and a "1" in the.

You can assume from the conditions given that if no one left, the minimum number of hands would still have to be at least 60. The answer is 4, which you input by writing a "4" into the box on the.

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The little girl is five years old, which you input by writing a "5" into the box on the right (leave the left box blank) before hitting "Submit.".

The method for solving pancakes puzzles has been described in many other hints. Move the smallest pancake over to the middle plate, then move the next-smallest cake to the right plate. Then stack the.

Since the puzzle tells you that no one got on the train during the ride, it’s safe to say that the number of passengers on the train never increased. Since 1/6 of the passengers get off at the first.

What can you learn from those four sections. The answer is 400 square feet which you input by leaving the first box blank, writing a "4" into the second box and writing "0" into the third and fourth.

Gold ore is worth a whopping five times as much as copper, so focus on claiming some of that. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a five-square plot of land with two pieces of gold ore on it? Sadly.

It’s only proper. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is packed with challenges and secrets, hidden puzzles and hint coins. If you’re just stuck on a particular puzzle and want the solution or are.

Give this method of starting the puzzle a shot. Stack the four blue blocks on top of each other, with the first one at the bottom of the trash can. Next, find a way to get one of those four blocks.

Wordy problems like this one often have a trap buried somewhere in them. Don’t get caught up in the wording. The dad walks at two feet per second, and the daughter walks at one foot per second, so for.

You can use little items like the harmonica and book to fill in small gaps later, so pack up the big items first. That unwieldy frying pan and spatula set go in the lower-left corner. Luke’s teddy.

take the drawing you did for Hint One and count the number of fish on the inside of the net. There’s your answer. The answer is 7 fish, which you input by writing a "7" into the box on the right.

The answer is 20, which you can input by writing a "2" in the box on the left and a "0" in the box in the right. Assuming each candidate votes for himself, that leaves 37 votes for grabs. Split those.

Start by figuring out which numbers belong in the code, regardless of order. You may have already noticed, but every number in the code is in the very top row of numbers. Two of the numbers in 4150.