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During the first few years of ScienceBlogs there was a lot of talk about religion. Yes, there’s talk about religion now, but it’s toned down in the wake of the ebbing of the publicity around The God.

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Climate change is here. Trees are dead and dying, insects and songbirds are disappearing, wildlife has declined by 60 percent, glaciers worldwide are melting and ice sheets are collapsing, and weather.

Nonetheless, the article raises several concerns about the influence that such revisions have on our ontological commitments, for in several passages she tacitly implies that changing the ways we.

here the jiva does not lose its ontological identity nor the urge to personally serve the lord. it becomes an eternal, loving servant of the lord and attains to the lord’s nature of sat-chit-ananda -.

Even truth has many shades. There are plain and simple truths. Then there are ontological locofocal, reflex-oriented and historical truths. But epis- temology”s search and concern is only to know the.

I don’t think that the initial axioms of religion about god and revelation are anything more than mental constructs; productions of human cognition, not expression of ontological truths. Because.

I was profoundly influenced by the steadfast self-organization of the Sikh community of Southall, the Bengali community in Brick Lane. to produce what Adorno calls an “ontological need” for.

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Its meanings — enchantment, magic, sorcery, necromancy, from saahir, from the root s-h-r, which in its turn means turn from its course — suggest an ontological and epistemological. translating love.

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Wikipedia is really funny, I mean, what you stumble upon…Nikah Ijtimah “is a form of polyandry that existed in the Pre-Islamic period in the Arabian peninsula.” I knew of the purported existence of.

Canon Law Grave Sin Catholics must also be free from mortal sin to receive. Canon 844 § 4 of the Code of Canon Law allows non-Catholics to receive Holy Communion in limited, emergency circumstances. That canon says:

Most of you who read this weblog know that one of my primary preoccupations is how to invest my marginal time in terms of reading to optimize whatever it is I want to optimize (i.e., to “know stuff”).

We have learned to recognize the ontological reality of the individual, but we have forgotten the meaning of collective nouns like the commons or the state or the village. The habits of the heart.

Over at The American Conservative Noah Millman and Rod Dreher are having a discussion over the basic premise that founding texts (e.g., Bible, Koran) and individuals (e.g., Jesus, Muhammad) have a.

Below John Farrell posted an amusing comment: Razib, are you implying there was no clearly defined ‘ontological leap’ from the animal to the human??? I’m going to have to clear this with the CDF in.

Specifically, Today, we rightly recoil at the thought of tabulating slaves as property. It was precisely this ontological question—property or persons?—that the war was fought over. But suspend that.

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During a conversation with Nick Matzke he asserted that Creationists weren’t less intelligent necessarily. I contended that they were less intelligent. I based on this on snooping through the GSS when.

Some (most) theists imbue their mythological beliefs with ontological significance, but we must be careful not to ape them by sacralizing the importance of the negation of their belief in the God.

Despite the trotting out of appropriate terminology, obviously the individual in question believes in a hegemonic discourse. He accepts that Islam is the way, the truth, and that under ad Islamic.