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My second thought was how glad I am that I no longer teach at a residential campus. For years one student after another (mostly female, although two men reported having been raped by other men during.

When I wrote to congratulate her and express my senior envy, she replied. The reasons for postponing retirement identified by this study were overwhelmingly positive: professors enjoy what they do.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but from my perspective, scholarly publishing could swiftly begin to look like the Wild West if scholars and professional organizations don’t start to have these.

. and without explanation — changed the rules to insist that a complete second book was the only path to my promotion to full professor. Although I did, in fact, produce a manuscript, and was.

Check out this story by Nina Strochlic in The Daily Beast. Check out Jackson’s Twitter feed here. So what’s my problem with the story? Strochlic’s only real source is Jackson’s Twitter feed. In a.

In a section devoted exclusively to ideas, Swarthmore philosophy professor Barry Schwartz suggests that a. opportunity to go to the school of their dreams. Unfortunately, what my dear former.

A major intellectual in the BDS movement, Steven G. Salaita (who is still listed as an associate professor in the English Department at Virginia Tech) appears to have had a job in the American Indian.

Over the weekend, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof got an earful when he bewailed the absence of academics writing for a broad audience (“Professors. college campuses got me thinking about.

However, I don’t sniff at the way structural discrimination has been partially lifted for my people under the Obama administration. For example, we are now no longer drummed out of the military.

Interestingly, this now not only comes from women, too many of whom have, in my experience, always worried about being perceived as brash, but from younger men as well. While I always try to be gently.

Most importantly, the idea that Salaita could not function ethically and effectively in the classroom, or as a colleague, is an argument that has been made entirely by public insinuation (see comments.

As you will see, the passing of a distinguished colleague brought ever more radical thoughts to mind this morning as I settled in to my writing. For a good interview with, and more cute pics of,

Trust me.) Therefore, I don’t know anything about my first day yet, except that I am going to have a set of very important tasks. Professors 1, Right Wing Zealots 0. Try us again, why don’t you? Huh?.

Is New York Times A Scholarly Journal The study itself was sponsored by Tricida. Recent corrections: Dr. Alpern was initially told by journal editors that no additional disclosure was needed. After The New York Times and ProPublica. The company’s merger

. a question about what we wished professors knew. Though far removed from our initial research topics, it felt great to have someone ask so the listing began. Given the relatively predictable.

My Lose It! iPhone app pegs a cup of Nutella at a whopping 1,600 calories: eat the entire jar, and it’s 2,000 calories. This makes me think that Columbia students must be readily identifiable on the.

Today’s guest blogger is Margot D. Weiss, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Anthropology, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT. She is the author of 2012 Lambda Award finalist Techniques of.

Some need the kind of extensive repair that is usually characteristic of people my age. One little darling featured in the story had 22 cavities, and was due for a root canal — at the age of two and a.

Academia State Police Massachusetts Job 0:55 Lee, Massachusetts is shutting down its local emergency dispatch center. It will switch to a countywide system instead. Listen Listening. 0:59 Massachusetts State Police are investigating. North Carolina Professor Tells Why Professors

Duane Bolin can’t figure why so many white Christian evangelicals dote on Donald Trump. "Trump represents everything they should be against," said Bolin, a retired Murray, Ky., State University.

Scholarly Articles: Cultural Sensitivity In Patient Care Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not. Symptoms may include false beliefs (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that others

Only eight of Wisconsin’s 72 counties ranked higher in overall spending, while La Crosse experienced the 10th fastest growth rate from 2016 to 2017. A.J. Frels, executive director of the La Crosse.